Our story

We present the story of the Garage Hostel Solkan.

As a couple, we have traveled a lot. Well, sometimes alone, sometimes together. On the trips, we gathered experiences from accommodation around the world – what we liked and what we didn’t.

As a tourist guide, Nikahad the opportunity to listen to the opinions and ideas of more than 2,000 travelers. After we started a family, she started creating trips and team building programs in our Goriška region.

2017 offered us space. We knew right away what we want to do! We wanted to offer others a pleasant place to relax, rest and socialize where they can feel at home.


Interior concept

The conceptual design of the hostel is a “garage” because the accommodation is located above Andrej’s mechanical workshop. We took advantage of the concrete elements in the space, so the interior is designed in a modern industrial style with clean lines and antique accessories. We did a lot of work alone and with the help of friends. When buying stuff, we decided to support the Slovenian economy and local contractors, so all elements are exclusively Slovenian – from beds, mattresses, toilets, kitchen, sheets, towels, chairs, curtains …

We opened the doors of the Garage Hostel in 2023.

The result of ouridea and work is an overnight stay in which the guest can rest after intensive exploration of our surroundings …


All those people who care about your comfort…


Owner of hostel and Mechanical workshop


Kayaker, Biker, Climber…

I fix stuff, I cook, I read

I travel


Hostel owner, Tourist guide, Organizer


Horsebackrider, Swimmer, Biker, Climber

I cook, I collect, I restore

I travel


Why are we special?

Our travels have always been full – from the experience of “backpacking” (intensive research, sports and exhaustion after a long the day we decided on the concept of “intimate bed”.

Affordable accommodation offers you an intimate place to relax, so each bed is a “room for itself” with its own curtain, lamp, locker …

At the same time, you can get together with other visitors and exchange ideas for trips and activities – while cooking, in the dining room or on the couch …

If you want to experience the surroundings with a full spoon, we can enrich and perfect your stay in our Goriška region with additional service of organizing excursions and team buildings.

Our stay is comfortable and active.


Experience the surroundings and a pleasant stay.

Birthday, anniversary, meeting, party, free weekend without obligations and planning …

Accommodation, organization of excursions and team buildings – for you, family, friends and colleagues … all in one place!

Ensure a well-organized weekend, full of experienced activities and good food …

Send an inquiry and we will be happy to organize your visit to the Goriška Region.


How would you and your company best experience our surroundings?

With the help of a local, organize a trip that combines:…

the environment, history, active experiences and excellent cuisine…

Complete your stay with us with team building activities for your team!
Guaranteed fun and relaxation for colleagues during professionally prepared activities.