The Karst, The Trnovo Plateau, Goriška Brda, the Vipava and the Soča Valley, Nova Gorica and Italian Gorizia.

The hostel is located in Solkan at the crossroads between five unique landscapes that offer you a wide range of activities and experiences.


The diverse landscape and pleasant climate give you the possibility of outdoor sports and adrenaline activities all year round.

200 m to the Solkan kayak course, 200 m to SUP, 200 m to the Adrenaline Park, 400 m to the Bungee Jumping, 1 km to the finish line of the nearest MTB, 1 km to the hiking trails, 500m to the Solkan-Plave cycling connection, 500m to the Nova Gorica-Miren cycle route , 10 min to the first climbing walls, 10 min to the paraglider and hang glider take-off, 30 min to horseback riding in nature…


Solkan is located at the crossroads of the paths, with a strategic location… It has intertwined throughout history into an interesting story of Italian Gorizia and Slovenian Nova Gorica ….

From the hostel: 500 m to the Solkan Bridge, 500 m to the Museum of Solkan Carpenters, 1 km to the Walk of Peace, 1 km to the Villa Bartolomei Museum, 3 km to the Krombek Castle with Museum, 2 km to the Kostanjevica Monastery, … 1 km to the center of Nova Gorica, which was chosen as European Capital of Culture 2025, 200m to the Italian border and 1 km to the center of Gorizia.

The surrounding area hides fairytale stone villages that you should not miss!


Exceptional pleasure for lovers of great food and drink.

Our home-made cuisine is rich in vegetables and spices and herbs caught in the intertwining of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.

Near the hostel you will find both top-quality and simple restaurants.

Goriška Brda, the Karst and the Vipava Valley offer more than 100 tasting farms of top wines…

Tasting and tour of the local brewery …


Explore surroudings

See the official website of the TOURIST INFORMATION CENTERS.

Wandering the valley of paradise, where nature creates life! Vipava, a green river that flows lazily between vineyards and orchards…where the sun burns and the bora whistles… The incredible view of orchards and vineyards tells us the story of the surroundings, people and traditions…

Take a look at the northern part of the Karst plateau. Among the pine trees, stones and vineyards of the durable Karst vine, there are fairytale villages in which compact stone houses walled with high walls invite you to a glass of Teran wine and Karst prosciutto.

Among the high peaks of the Julian Alps surrounded by pastures and forests fllows one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. There Soča River has carved a stone white riverbed. The picturesque view will impress you, as everyone who has ever visited the valley cultivates an indelible love for the emerald beauty.

Between the Friuli lowlands and the Soča river, in the shelter of Korada and Sabotin, rise the hills of Goriška Brda. On top of them reign villages and church tours surrounded by villas and estates of the locals. Explore the the story of the tradition and hard work of Brda farmers and virtuous housewives…


Experience the surroundings and a pleasant stay.

Birthday, anniversary, meeting, party, free weekend without obligations and planning …

Accommodation, organization of excursions and team buildings – for you, family, friends and colleagues … all in one place!

Ensure a well-organized weekend, full of experienced activities and good food …

Send an inquiry and we will be happy to organize your visit to the Goriška Region.


How would you and your company best experience our surroundings?

With the help of a local, organize a trip that combines:…

the environment, history, active experiences and excellent cuisine…


Complete your stay with us with team building activities for your team!

Guaranteed fun and relaxation for colleagues during professionally prepared activities.


Solkan – Slovenia